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Driver License Reinstated After Major Violation

The Michigan Secretary of State practically has carte blanche over our driver licenses. The driver assessment appeal Hearing Officers have gained a reputation for being stern, aggressive, and unforgiving.

Michigan driver license lawyer, Aaron J. Boria, is fighting back against the secretary of state getting more and more people their licenses back and them back on the road. License revoked? Call Michigan license lawyer, Aaron J. Boria today (734) 453-7806. 

Boria has obtained countless drivers their licenses back. Boria has won numerous driver their ability to drive back after their license was revoked for drinking and deriving, refusing to blow, and for interlock violations. 

Revoked Driver License Hearing

If you have been convicted of two drinking and driving offense with in 7 years or 3 in a 10-year period then your license will be revoked. In order to get your license back you will have to attend a driver license restoration hearing and demonstrate that you have been sober for a minimum of a year and have no intention of drinking or using drugs again.

Getting Your License Back

With a few exceptions, you will be granted a restricted license with a breath alcohol ignition interlock device (BAIID) on your vehicle. After one year without any violations you are eligible for another hearing for a full license.

Interlock Violations

While you are driving with an interlock device (some people call it a blow-and-go) you have to be careful not to violate. The machine does not know who is driving the car, so if someone else drives with even a small amount of alcohol the machine will detect it and you will be blamed for it.

One common violation includes electrical work done on the car, which can create a false positive for tampering.

Another common violation occurs when someone leaves their vehicle running, the machine requests the person blow into it but they are not there, and the machine registers the person as having a major violation.

Always get a PBT and an Etg any time you have an interlock violation no matter how minor is may seem at the time, doing so could save your license. 

Major Violation Adverted

Our client had just left his job. He blew in his interlock device as requested and it registered a .000 blood alcohol level. He headed down the street to his favorite pizza place where he was going to pick up a calzone for lunch. He left the car running and ran into the pizza place to grab his carryout. When he ran inside they had burnt his calzone and agreed to remake it. While he was inside the pizza shop the interlock device requested a breath sample. When no one blew in it the device recorded a major violation.

A few days later our client received a notice from the secretary of state that his license was revoked. He was devastated. He called our office and got us on the case.

We filed a request for a new hearing and within a matter of a few weeks we were back in the Driver Assessment Appeal Division Hearing Officer. The hearing officer heard our case. The Hearing Officer seemed less than pleased that our client did not follow the instructions to the letter for operating the device, but in the end he granted our client’s license back on the spot.

License Lawyer

If you lost your license contact Aaron J. Boria. We have won countless drivers their driving privileges.  Call us today at (734) 453-7806.