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How do I get my license back after a drinking and driving?

Our client’s license was revoked after having two drinking and driving offenses. Before he got his license restored he was arrested for a third drinking and driving offense. He was now revoked for a minimum of five years. 

Years went by before our client decided to get his license back, but when he did he made the right call, he called Michigan driver license lawyer Aaron J. Boria and we got him his license back. (734) 453-7806

If your license has been revoked for drinking and driving offenses call the best driver license lawyer in Michigan, Aaron J. Boria. 

License revoked after Driving while Intoxicated?

If you have had two drinking and driving offenses in seven years or three substance abuse offenses in ten your license will be revoked as you will be classified as a habitual offender by the Michigan Secretary of State Driver Assessment and Appeal Division.

Two driving while intoxicated offenses within seven years means a one-year minimum revocation. Three driving while intoxicated offenses within ten years results in a five-year revocation. 

You have to wait until the revocation period has run its course before you can apply. There are no hardship licenses available during this time, you simply have to wait. 

How do I get my license back after two DUI’s?

If you are a habitual offender you must prove to the secretary of state by clear and convincing evidence that your substance abuse issue is under control and likely to remain under control.

Put more clearly, that means that you must be sober for at least a year and plan on being sober for the rest of your life. 

A lot of people get this confused, and think its okay to drink but they have to promise not to ever drink and drive again, that is wrong. The legal standard requires absolute and total abstinence from drugs and alcohol. 

In order to meet this standard you must present a substance abuse assessment, drug screen, an affidavit, and sobriety support letters. Once these documents are submitted you will have a hearing date where your testimony is taken under oath. 

Driver License Lawyer Michigan

In order to prepare our clients, we review their support letters and make sure that they comply with the Driver Assessment and Appeal Division administrative rules.

We prepare the affidavit with our client. We recommend substance abuse evaluators and review the substance abuse assessment for any possible discrepancies. Finally, once there is a hearing date, we sit down with out clients and we hold a mock hearing so that our clients know how to answer all of the hearing officer’s tough questions.

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If you want your license back you need to call the best Michigan driver license restoration lawyer there is, you need Michigan license lawyer Aaron J. Boria (734) 453-7806.