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No Jail For Drunk Driver Causing Accident – Allen Park

Our client hired us after he plead guilty at the 24th District Court in Allen Park to the drinking and driving offense of Operating While Intoxicated. The client was told he should be ready to go to jail when he returned for sentencing.

The defendant wised up and called drinking and driving lawyer, Aaron J. Boria and when it came time for sentencing he didn’t serve even one day.  Facing drunk driving charges? Call Aaron J. Boria at (734) 453-7806. 

Operating While Intoxicated in Allen Park

Without getting to far into the facts of the case we will just say that our client was going through a rough patch when he drove home from the bar on the night of his arrest. He lost control of his vehicle and crashed into 3 other vehicles and was taken to the hospital for injuries. He was charged with OWI, a misdemeanor.

The offense of Operating while Intoxicated is a misdemeanor, punishable by up to 93 days in jail and a fine plus costs. Most Michigan OWI convictions also result in probation for up to two years, drug and alcohol testing, community service, and alcohol treatment.

Judge Courtright of the 24th District Court was the judge in this case. Courtright is known for being especially tough on drunk drivers. It was no surprise tous when our client told us the judge planned on handing down a jail sentence especially given the fact that their was a traffic accident with not one but three other vehicles.

Courtright told out client after he entered into the plea that the client had better plan on serving at least 30 days in jail when he returned for sentencing. 30 days in jail would insure that our client would loose his job and would be unable to get recover. His family depended on him for income, health care and support. A 30 day jail term would likely end up in the family loosing their home. There was a lot on the line with this case and a great deal of work went into it.

After a very long allocution to impress upon Judge Courtright that this person is much more than the drunk driver that crashed his car on that unfaithful evening, the judge agreed not to send him to jail. 

Michigan OWI Lawyer Success

Many so called criminal defense lawyers stop working after the plea. Sure they show up, but often times they are unprepared and wing it. At Aaron J. Boria, PLLC, we know that the case isn’t over until it’s over.

We spoke with the judge’s staff on several occasions along with the prosecuting attorney; additionally, we filed supplements to the Pre Sentencing Interview. In cases such as this where there is an accident it is so important to show the judge that the defendant is a person and not just a case number.

The sentencing hearing went on for quite sometime. The judge came down from 30 days to 21 then to 12 and finally agreed that this person had learned their lesson, that having them out of jail and on probation would be better for society than jail would. Our client walked out of court a free man.

If you have been charged with a drinking and driving or some other offense contact criminal defense lawyer, Aaron J. Boria today. (734) 453-7806