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On December 21, 2017, Ted Trotter was charged with Domestic Violence. Ted made the right decision and hired domestic violence lawyer and criminal defense attorney, Aaron J. Boria to defend him. After months of battling, motions, and court battles the

If you are facing felony assault charges you need an agressive Michigan criminal defense lawyer immediately. Felonious assault is a serious offense that can lead to prison, the loss of your ability to carry a gun, vote, or even be a chaperone at

Our client over did the drinking at a few local bars in Dearborn a couple of months back. On his way home he drove off of the road and on to a part of the sidewalk on The University of

Detroit criminal lawyer, Aaron J. Boria’s latest win was this past week at the 36th District Court in Downtown Detroit. His client was charged with Malicious Destruction of Property. The end result was case dismissed after Boria spoke with the

As a child I remember my mother leaving my brother, sister, and myself in the car while she ran into the store on a regular basis. Well, times have changed, and now the legislature, and all of their wisdom, has

Our client was on probation with the 47th District Court in Farmington for a drinking and driving charge. She was doing well on probation until she was charged with minor in possession of alcohol in the 48th District Court in