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The 35th District Court is located at 660 Plymouth Rd, Plymouth, MI 48170. The Court handles misdemeanors and felonies at the preliminary examination stage. The court also handles civil matters where the value in dispute is under $25,000.00. Criminal lawyer Aaron

Facing Assault Charges in Plymouth? Contact Plymouth assault lawyer, Aaron J. Boria for aggressive criminal defense representation (734) 453-7806. There are two common types of assault charges addressed below, assault, and battery. Assault Charges Basic assault is charged when it is alleged that

Many people come to our office charged with retail fraud, they are otherwise law-abiding citizens who made a one time mistake. Northville retail fraud lawyer, Aaron J. Boria is here to help. We have obtained dismissals, not guilty acquittal, and

Many great parents have been charged with the crime of child neglect for leaving their kids in the car while they run a quick errand at a store. We understand the embarrassment and frustration of being charged with this type